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Looking for the best carpet fitters in London? Are you considering upgrading your current worn out carpets? You want to make sure that you go with the best domestic carpet fitters in London. Ensuring that your carpets are fitted perfectly using the best option for your space is crucial to enjoying your new carpets to the fullest. We like to make sure that your new carpets bring you joy and that they enhance the space they are used in. That is why Carpet King is your best bet for the job. We have been fitting carpets and providing incredible flooring solutions for 31 years. The expertise gained during such a long time can’t be replicated and there simply is nothing as important as experience. We love that our clients can rest assured that they have the trusted experts on their side. Without a doubt, Carpet King has the knowledge to help you make the perfect coie when it comes to choosing and fitting your domestic carpets.

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domestic carpet suppliers london

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Although new carpets can make a world of difference in your home, it doesn’t mean that every type of carpet that is designed for the home is made in the same way. Carpet King are here to offer our expert advice on choosing a quality carpet that fits in perfectly with the surroundings in your home. It needs to come with not only a comfortable body but also a great pile and color. Our mobile flooring showroom comes stocked with a wide variety of carpet options with different carpet fibers for you to choose from. Our options include, but are not limited to, eco-friendly carpets for the environment, high-end carpets for that special finish, to more durable carpets for high traffic areas. Since there are so many options to choose from, it is easy for clients to feel overwhelmed when presented with all the different options. That’s where Carpet King comes in; we are here to guide you to the domestic carpet of your dreams.

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Choosing the appropriate carpet for the space really comes down to your needs, lifestyle, budget, as well as how many people you share your home with. At Carpet King, we are firm believers in no matter how nice a carpet looks, if it isn’t durable enough for the space, it isn’t the right carpet for you. We simply can’t put our clients through the process of fitting carpets if you aren’t able to make the most out of it. We recommend that the first step of the deciding process is to find a fibre that will suit your needs. Popular fibre choices for your domestic space include nylon, wool, acrylic, polyester and more recently triexta. Once you’ve determined the fibre, the next step is figuring out what carpet texture makes the most sense. Similar to fibre, texture also plays a role in durability and avoiding carpet stains or wear and tear. We have a huge selection of moth resistant carpets in both wool and man made fibre, as we all know carpet moths are a big problem in West London.

domestic carpet suppliers london

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As a general rule, most carpeting falls into either one of two categories, loop and pile. Loop carpeting has more of a dense look and is good for high-traffic areas. Pile carpets have short yarn tips instead of loops and generally have a soft feeling underfoot. After assessing the space and finding out how often it will be used, Carpet King can help you to determine which fibre will best suit your needs. This is where the fun part comes in! Looking at a wide variety of different options relating to your texture type and agreeing on the colour or patterns. Our flooring mobile showroom allows you to see what the exact carpet will look like in your home. Due to this, you are able to make an informed decision then and there, saving you a lot of time. Carpet King is the expert domestic carpet fitters in London and we would love to bring our flooring mobile showroom to your door.

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